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Get your own real radio station and reach thousands of people !

Manage your media

Folders and Subfolders

Create unlimited number of folders and subfolders for desired categories.

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Your media

Upload your appropriate MP3 and AA+ in your folders and Subfolders just by drag and drop.


Create an unlimited number of playlists that will play automatically or as scheduled.

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Create tasks

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Set your plan

Adjust your playlists, set your plan, create your calendar and decide how your will run your radio each day.


Just create your tasks with the scheduler to broadcast your multiple playlists and programs at any time of the day whenever you want. Close your PC/laptop and our software will run your radio station 24/7.

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Broadcast Live

In 2 Clicks and 40 seconds, with a smooth transition, go from your pre-recorded audio contents to live broadcasting. Wherever you are with your PC / Mac.

View your listeners

Get to know who is listening and where.

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Your listeners map

 See an overview of your listeners location on a map : continents, countries, cities and streets… Get an idea of how many listeners are tuned-in to your radio station. 

Listeners Statistics

Your Hourly, daily and weekly reports are available on the radio manager. It is the best way to know your listeners and optimize your audience. Get your regular reports.

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More features

Multi language

Manage your radio station by choosing your own language : English, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian and many more ....

Multi platform

All listeners listen to your radio whether they are on Windows, Mac or Android. Nothing has been forgotten!

Integration Site

The Radio Player and Widgets are available for instant integration on your site and on any platform.

Jingles and advertisements

Upload, configure, manage and insert your Jingles or Ads directly into your radio schedules of the day.

Radio Youtube

Set up your Youtube account and add your your informations on our radio manager. Broadcast to reach thousands of people.

Radio Facebook

Generate instantly your embed codes and install your radio station on your Facebook page to reach your fans.

Streaming Service Specifications

We have designed a reliable and powerful technical infrastructure to ensure optimal quality when broadcasting your radio station 

  • Instant activation upon registration.
  • Sound quality up to 320kbps
  • Bandwidth without measure
  • Stream Shoutcast or Icecast flexible, switch at any time!
  • Multiple streams with different sound quality
  • 5GB of disk space. Increase at any time.

Why SimbaCast to Broadcast your radio?

Meet your need platform provides solutions that will meet your radio station’s needs every day.

99.9% uptime

With platform your radio station will always broadcast online 24/7.

Creating a radio is as easy as ever!

We make sure that the creation of your radio is as simple as possible so that your musical contents are broadcasted without interruption.

Low price

Save money without losing quality of service – no matter the size of your project. We offer you the best at the lowest price.

You can start now

Create a radio station from $10/month

Free Trial – 7 days

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Enjoy our technical support 24/7

We ❤️ to serve our Clients

" We have good customer service,so do not be afraid to buy at , they keep their word in what they say, the staff is friendly, fast and reliable."
Tidan Impires
Dunkerque Street Radio -France

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The best experience to create your own radio station and broadcast your FM radio station on internet. We made the streaming radio easier and accessible for everyone.

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